A Lady Never Lies, Windsor Diaries, #3


STEAMPUNK:  Richard Windsor, the Prince of Wales and Guardian of the Time Machine, has traveled back in time to set things right from previous travels and convince his lady love to travel forward with him and be his wife. Jocelyn Dunkirk, known for her unconventional attitude, has never met a man who treats her like an equal and she suspects she’s falling in love with Richard. When circumstances work to keep them apart, they have to decide if they have what it takes to stand the test of time.


While this third book in the Windsor Diaries can be read as a standalone there is a bit of confusion in the beginning if one has not read the previous books. However, the richly detailed world, the wonderful characters and the twisty plot more than make up for that bit of puzzlement as the reader quickly gets up to speed on the who, what, where and when of the overall story. Richard is a worthy hero in any time and Jocelyn is a spunky woman who thinks for herself. Secondary characters shine without stealing the spotlight. This story has all of the heft of a much longer novel. There are no extraneous words and the world is bright and clear with characters that step off the page. Filled with danger, excitement, romance, ingenuity, history and humor it has something for everyone. A tale told to entertain for the ages!


Carol Conley