Lady of Mystery (The Unconventional Ladies Book 1)

St. Clair

Lady Phoebe Worthington is a lady of many words, words she shares with anyone willing to listen, particularly her friends. Phoebe believes women should control their dowry and property, instead of giving it to their husbands. She also believes women are equal to men and more than just a source for the next heir. Jeffrey, Lord Berkley hears Phoebe talking to her friends and pulls her aside, discouraging her from sharing her ideas. In retaliation, Phoebe founds “The Women’s Weekly,” a paper with articles specifically for women. The writer of the editorial is “By a Lady,” and the scandalized gentry are determined to find out who the publisher is and to put a stop to it. Little does Jeffrey suspect it is Phoebe, the lady he is courting.

Ms. St. Clair brings the characters in “Lady of Mystery” to life through captivating descriptions of Phoebe with her dark tresses and green eyes and Jeffrey with his brooding brown eyes and errant blond curls. Both characters have independent thoughts for the era, though it takes some convincing on the parts of Phoebe and Jeffrey’s sisters to help Jeffrey see the light. It is often difficult to tell which of the four sisters is speaking, which can be overwhelming. Not all the characters are sympathetic, and several of the men from White’s are determined to shut down “The Women’s Weekly”. The plot’s most endearing facet is that the reader knows the “Lady of Mystery” is Phoebe, but Jeffrey does not, even though he is courting her. This makes for a comedic story throughout. A very promising beginning for a series, we anxiously await the next installments!

Belinda Wilson