Lady Honor’s Debt (The Baxendale Sisters #1)


REGENCY:  The Baxendale family is in financial distress and the only way their father can see to get out of this mess is to marry his daughters off to titled, wealthy men - regardless of his daughter’s feelings towards said men. Lady Honor is determined to save her sisters from loveless marriages, but she needs help from Edward Winborne. His family lives on the adjoining property and Edward is a solicitor. When Lady Honor first asks for Edward’s help, he can’t help but to notice her natural beauty. Lady Honor is taken aback by his handsomeness and when he takes her arm, there is a shock of electricity. Does he feel it too? Is Lady Honor able to help her sisters and still remain single or is the pull of Edward too strong?


This is a sweet romance and is a very short, fast read. The only characters that are developed are those of Edward and Honor. The plot is unique and delightful; it is refreshing to read something a little more intricate. The story would have been even better had some of the other secondary characters been fleshed out more, particularly since this is to be a series. The single sex scene in the story, although benign, did nothing to add to the story. This was a wonderful, compact story that was enjoyable to read. This reader looks forward to reading the next installment in this delightful series!


Belinda Wilson