Lady of Charade (The Unconventional Ladies Series)

St. Clair

Illegitimate and independent, Sarah Jones sails to England in search of her birth father. Two years later she is no closer to discovering his identity. Despite managing to attend various balls, her funds are running out and she worries that her secret will be discovered. Then Mr. David Redmond, the rakish second son of an Earl, is left injured on her doorstep. David is shocked to discover that the young woman he had danced with lives in a tiny set of rooms in a rough neighborhood. Moreover, she is a well-known local healer! It is unheard of and he vows to become her bodyguard and help her find her father. Sarah does not know what to do about the London gentleman who thrusts himself in her life. However, she isn't a simpering miss and her life in America taught her to make her own choices. David is certain he does not deserve a woman like Sarah, but is unable to resist being with her. As forces conspire to keep them apart, both will have to make a leap of faith and trust in their love.

"Lady of Charade" is another outstanding addition to The Unconventional Ladies Series! Sarah Jones is certainly unconventional. By day, she heals her neighbors and by night, she dances with lords and ladies as she searches for her birth father. She is a heroine that readers will take delight in rooting for. David is drifting in life before he meets Sarah. His transformation into a man who can put others before himself makes him a worthy hero for Sarah. Elle St. Clair once again delivers a deeply satisfying regency romance!

Tricia Hill