Lady Briar Weds the Scot (Blakely Manor Book 1)

Lady Briar, a kindhearted, polished, beautiful, and strong young woman of status, has a mind of her own – with absolutely no intention of marrying. Wren, the Scottish gardener, has caught her interest, and she asks him to escort her multiple times to visit a family that has found themselves in a difficult time. Wren and Lady Briar find themselves the victims of a kidnapping, along with Percy, whom Briar refused to marry just days before. Stuck in the carriage with emotions running high, Briar, being unwed, must choose between the gardener or Percy to marry to keep her safe. Once Briar makes her decision, the love and respect for this good man she chose grows as they combat the challenges that come before them - one being a secret the Scot is holding close to his heart.
Readers who enjoy Victorian Romance, will have scored with this novel! Readers will enjoy the romance between Briar and Wren, and the desire they have for each other. The storyline flows well, though sometimes seems a little confusing and incomplete. Transitions are at times abrupt. Readers may find the first section of the story disconnected from the rest of the book. The journey to Scotland is well written, filled with adventure, love, desire, and change. The reader will find Wren swoon-worthy, and Briar is strong and a fabulous fit for Wren. As the book closes, some readers may find the ending somewhat unsatisfying, and turning the last page leaves one with questions that aren’t answered. Readers who enjoy this genre will enjoy disappearing into the world this author created.
Heather Kroll