Lady, Behave (Naughty Ladies, Book 2)

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Adelaide Devereaux is not your usual woman. She has a knack for medicinal treatments, an underlying sense of what ails a person, and the ambition to kiss each man she likes until she finds the one who makes her see stars. Gyles, Marquess of Heath, is your typical confirmed bachelor, that is, until he meets Adelaide. After one conversation he wants to marry her, but his parents refuse to accept her. She is, after all, the granddaughter of a thief.

Readers may struggle with this story because while it’s considered a standalone book, too much is left out of the story as a way of explanation. Adelaide’s grandfather’s history is something that’s casually mentioned in the beginning, but not explained until much later. Laurel’s broken engagement isn’t mentioned until much later, but is brought up vaguely in the beginning leaving the reader with more questions than answers. It isn’t until her ex-fiancé is needed to help rescue Adelaide that the full explanation is given. One gets a very unfulfilling sense of Adelaide and Gyles, their love and loyalty to each other are taken for granted without a strong plot that brings them together. Their story is not earned. The bond between sisters is extraordinary, and one can feel the love they have for each other. That love and sense of adventure is something one wishes they could read more about. Growing up in Ireland must have been fun, and readers would surely get much pleasure out of a trip down memory lane.

Heather McCoubrey