Lady Beauchamp’s Proposal

Amy Rose

In order to save her life, Lady Beauchamp morphs into the widow Mrs. Beth Eliot and runs as far as possible from her husband. When she finally arrives at Eilean Tor Castle in the far reaches of Scotland she discovers the governess position she was to fill is no longer needed. However, the reclusive, handsome and widowed Marquess of Rothsburgh offers her another position. Desperate to stay hidden from her syphilis-infected husband Elizabeth takes the job of housekeeper and falls in love in the process. How can she continue to lie about who she is and stay near the man who holds her heart when she’s legally bound to another man? Yet, if her husband finds her she will face a death sentence. A tangled web indeed!

Set in London and Scotland in 1815, this beautifully crafted tale has all the feels! The characters of Elizabeth and James are so richly written and real on the page one can only hang on for the ride as they experience a roller coaster of emotions: terror, weakness, strength, anger, guilt, resignation, joy, ecstasy and love. Layer upon layer of their personalities are revealed as the story unfolds in alternating viewpoints and while neither are perfect, they are living as best they can. The world in which they live is built with such pinpoint precision that the 21st century reader experiences disorientation when the final page is turned. While there are a few places where the plot is a bit of a stretch, they do little to stem the delight in this delicious historical romance.

Carol Conley