The Lady and Her Duke (The Ladies of Sommer by the Sea #3)

Ruth A.

Lord Ian Wallace just witnessed Bennett Sutton become injured during a duel; however, he knew he did not fire a single shot. Chaos fuels the encounter as everyone present tries to discover who shot Bennett and why. In the uncertainty of his survival, Bennett asks Ian to promise to uphold his deal to marry his niece, Ivy-Rose. Ian agrees, until the next morning when they discover that Bennett had died in the night. However, his cause of death was no longer a gunshot wound, rather it was poison from a South American snake. Ian and Ivy-Rose, better known as Katherine, must work together to uncover Bennett’s murderer, but will they ever learn to love one another?

“The Lady and Her Duke” is full of everything anyone could imagine with chemistry igniting off the pages, mystery lurking in the shadows, and action that takes one’s breath away. When one chapter feels slowly paced, the next will surely be filled to the brim with constant action and chaos. Ruth A. Casie develops a beautifully written stor,y and each character has a clear vision, personality, and development throughout the entire series. Even the secondary characters are more than just names passing in the wind. Katherine is a free-spirited, headstrong, and intelligent woman that knows her way around machinery, and Ian let her be free to express her interests how she pleased. Their relationship is expected for a woman who was thrust into a marriage with a man she did not trust, but the development of their relationship is also written magnificently. In the end, this story grows in complexity until the very end, when all is revealed.

Sadie Wilson