The Lady Always Wins

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Playing games… Simon Davenant used to be very good at it. His favorite playmate, however, abandoned the game far too early. Now she’s back on the playing field and Simon isn’t going to let Ginny go ever again. If there is one thing Virginia Barrett fears, it’s poverty. She has known the bitter sting of it and she’s not going there again.  Because of this she has refused Simon, the man she loved, all those years ago and married someone else. Now she’s widowed and Simon is back, looking wealthier than ever, playing the games that used to be their life… Their love. Does she dare go there again? Does he want her for good? In a split second fortunes can be lost… And won. Who’ll be the winner this time?

It’s difficult to write a novella that has fully-formed unique characters, a good plot and a believable relationship. However, Courtney Milan does it every time! Now that is magic! Here, the dynamic between Simon and Ginny is incredibly intriguing, with past hurts, the fun games and dares, and secrets between them. And yet…their love is tangible. The only thing that could bother a reader is Ginny’s stance on marrying a poor  husband,which while understandable, could be perceived as shallow. Also, the web of deceit and secrets took the spotlight from Simon and Ginny and their romance a few times. Those are minor details compared to Courtney Milan’s rich and evocative writing which makes her one of the best authors of historical romance today!

Mimi Smith