A Lady’s Wager (Timeless Georgian Collection Book 2)

Arlem Hawks, Josi S. Kilpack, Sarah M. Eden

ANTHOLOGY: This anthology includes three stories. “The Diamond of Bristol” is set in 1793. Corah Bradford lives in Bristol, England. Derrick Owens is a Lieutenant in the British Navy, and has some time off between commissions. He is staying in the home of a friend and biding his time until his next assignment. Corah and Derrick spend time together, knowing he will soon depart; however, when that happens, they both realize they are missing something essential. “Women of a Certain Age” is set in 1788. Colletta (Etta) Markshire is entrenched in her London life and in her role sponsoring young ladies during the Season. Her most recent protégé, Rachel, is proving difficult, spending more time with her country friends from Shrewsbury than in making a match. This puts Etta in frequent contact with Wynn Firth, the father of Rachel’s friends. His pointed statements and insightful questions force Etta to question everything she values. “A Most Unsuitable Suitor” takes place in London during 1770. Lady Charlotte Duchamps and Julian, Lord Wesley, are acquaintances until Julian discovers a wager on the books at his club regarding both of them. Using this information, he decides to make sure the wager comes true, so he can receive the funds when it does. To do this, he inserts himself into Lady Charlotte’s life in several awkward encounters. By doing so, they discover quite a bit of common ground. 

These three novellas offer readers a peek at life in England during the late 1700’s. It’s refreshing when competent authors tell stories in novella form, as almost every paragraph advances the storyline. Each of these stories succeeds in that mission, leaving readers wishing for additional details about each protagonist as they live out their happily ever after ending! This collection is delightful!

Carey Sullivan