The Lady’s Legacy


Known as ‘Flightly’ for her quick wit and nimble feet, Francis Headley may have just the tools needed to reunite the infamous Hestia Wrist with her long-lost son. But “lost” is just what Rhys Caradec wishes to be. Having no interest in his parents’ feud, the painter wanders where inspiration draws him. When Flightly finally finds him, their attraction is immediate and undeniable. But will she be able to bring him around, or will their differences be too great?  With their convoluted circumstances and danger lurking around every corner, how could there ever be room for love?

A delightful regency romance with a unique premise, “The Lady’s Legacy” is the third installment in Marlowe’s Half Moon House series. The beginning drags as the reader is brought up to speed from the previous novels, but despite having many references to events in the previous books, it is not necessary to have read them to enjoy this story. Francis and Rhys are far different from the ton couples typically found in historical romance. Francis is more of a street rat than a lady, with a refreshingly optimistic view on life, while Rhys is happiest following his muse. Together, their chemistry is tangible with a natural progression to love.  Their differences, however, lead to many frustrating scenes particularly when Rhys’ prejudice leads to misconceptions. Filled with both intrigue and romance, “The Lady’s Legacy” is a charming read with a strong female lead and an epilogue that will have the reader begging for more! 

Arec Rain