Lachlan’s Heart (The MacCulloughs #2)


MYSTERY: Lachlan has decided that Keevah is the love of his life and wants to marry her. However, she has a past which hides many secrets, one being that she was a prostitute in her former life. Lachlan doesn’t worry about that part of her life, but Keevah doesn’t feel she is good enough for Lachlan, especially with his new position. Lachlan didn’t plan to become a laird, but his cousin asks him to take over as acting Laird after a long battle with the Chisolm clan. This isn’t their only problem. There is a killer on the loose and he is targeting former prostitutes. Who is this killer, and how can they possibly stop him? Do Keevah and Lachlan stand a chance of being together?

Scottish romance meets a serial killer thriller in this novel! In order to really appreciate this installment, one should really read the first book in this series first, as this story does not standalone well. The tale begins with Lachlan deciding about his love for Keevah so first time readers are deprived of seeing them fall in love, making their chemistry feel weak. Plus, they don’t see each other for the majority of the story which may bother romance readers. A stronger connection to the characters would help it not feel quite as rushed. This story does have a cliffhanger ending, so in order to really understand the character arcs, one will need to invest in the next book. Still, crime lovers will be excited over the serial killer plotline which it top-notch! This book will undoubtably make readers want to pick up the rest of the series to get to know these characters and world better!

Amanda Hupe