That Knight by the Sea: A Medieval Romance Novella


MEDIEVAL:  Garrett Thurlow has tried to be an honorable knight, despite the transgressions from his youth that haunt him. However, when his old mentor, Lord Ransford, orders him to kidnap Lady Adaline Mortimer in an attempt to make her more eager to wed, Garrett is forced to relive memories of his youth. Lady Adaline Mortimer is none too pleased to be marrying Lord Ransford. Unable to refuse the kings order, she submits begrudgingly while still attempting to find a way out of the marriage. However, her plans to escape never included being kidnapped! Still, there is something oddly familiar about her kidnapper, and if she uncovers his secrets, perhaps she can escape after all. Two hearts once separated by ill luck have a second chance at lasting love, but will their secrets keep them apart forever?

A sweet and short novella set in the time of King John, Garrett and Adaline are a cute couple with a romance tied to an old legend. As a short story, the romance has already begun at the beginning of the tale, and proceeds at a quick pace despite the kidnapping and other minor conflict. Although the plot is not terribly original and the characters lack depth due to the length of the story, the pace is steady, characters fitting, and the resolution to the conflict is played out well. Overall, lovers of historical romances, specifically ladies and knights, will appreciate this sweet and clean romance.

Sarah E Bradley