A Knight With Mercy (An Assassin Knights Novel Book 2)


MEDIEVAL:  Mercy Booker became the healer of her town after her husband died. Now she focuses on raising her son who is due to turn five. She is terrified because children who turn five in the town are taken for the church and never seen again. Mercy doesn't want this to happen to her little one. Mercy finds Sir Richard le Breton battered and bruised, and when he comes round, he can't remember what happened. But he is drawn to the woman helping him, so when his angel of mercy asks him to help her and her son, he cannot refuse. They're drawn into a situation neither of them could have predicted and find themselves battling for their lives.

“A Knight With Mercy” is a book that deals with some very serious subjects, so it isn’t for the faint of heart. There are a lot of potentially triggering aspects in this book, including child abuse, which may sometimes be difficult to read. Clearly the author has done her research with regards to these subjects and while the story itself is good, the subject matter is delicate. The plot moves at an even pace and there is a variety of characters that readers will love and hate. This is a good story with nice descriptions and a decent plot. A good one to pass a few hours on a cold winter night. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick