Knight in Highland Armor (Highland Dynasty #1)


Devastated by the loss of his wife in childbirth, overwhelmed by the duties left to him by his deceased father, and called upon to defend the church as a knight in the Crusades, Colin finds himself in need of a mother for his newborn son. Heartbroken, uninterested in love, and with no other options, Colin writes to the king requesting his help in finding a bride. The king chooses Margaret Robinson, the free-spirited and well-educated daughter of another nobleman. Grief, misconceptions, and miscommunications abound and the start to their marriage is anything but wedded bliss. When the two finally come together and begin to look forward to a happy future, Colin is again called away to serve in the Crusades. 


Ms. Jarecki writes a well-researched historical tale that brings new life and originality to the usual arranged marriage plot. Her use of the Crusades and the events of the time to weave this romantic tale was extremely fascinating and attention-grabbing. Her characters, including secondary characters, are well developed and personable. Her descriptive writing captures readers and plops them square in the middle of medieval Scotland. A wonderful start to the series that will have readers racing to find the next installment.


Molly S. Daniels