Knight Defender (Knight Chronicles #3)


MEDIEVAL:  Having witnessed first-hand the poverty of his people, Baron Raeb MacKai wants nothing more than provide for his clan. When a betrothal is offered to a wealthy English woman, he sees a stable future for his clan at last. What he did not count on was having feelings for the beautiful woman who is to become his wife. Lady Jessamyn doesn’t want to get married - she would much rather train horses - but agrees in order to serve her family and King. When she develops feelings for her betrothed, it’s a surprise to her. When she discovers he’s involved in a secret plot to attack the King, she’s not sure whether to follow her loyalty to her King or her heart. 

Rue Allyn has certainly managed to capture the divide between Scotland and England in this gripping tale of romance, passion and deceit! Expecting a wild, unruly Scot, the readers are treated to Raeb MacKai who is just trying to do the best for his clan. Lady Jessamyn is a strong willed woman trying to obey her family and King. Well-paced and smooth, the path of the story to its happy ending is very enjoyable, although the book was a little short and could have benefitted with more thorough descriptions. It would have been nice to have had more exposure to the characters. The dialogue is spot-on with regards to the Scottish slang of that era and flows nice and accurately.   

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick