A Knight and His Rose


MEDIEVAL:  The Molineaux and Seabrook families have been bitter enemies for many years — so much so that a wall separates their lands. Violetta Molineaux craves adventure and often climbs the wall to visit the massive stone circle. She is not alone; Osric Seabrook goes to the circle as well and is surprised to find a maiden there. He is immediately captivated, but her identity is suspect. Aware of the possible danger she is in, Violetta starts for home, but on her way, she falls into a tunnel and hurts her ankle. Osric comes to her aid, but she still maintains the story that she is just a common maiden and not Violetta Molineaux. They are both in a dangerous position and the wrong decision could mean war between the two families, but one discovery could change everything.  

This is a darling novella reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet. The idea of two families being bitter enemies is not a new one, but this story has a positive spin, and is set in England during the Medieval Ages. The setting (the ancient stone circle now known as Stonehenge) gives the story a mystical aesthetic, although some of the details and decisions that take place did not seem very realistic to the time. Osric and Violetta are indeed charming. Osric takes his oath as a chivalrous knight seriously. Violetta is not a typical medieval woman. She wants adventure, to love life and not behind the walls of a castle. Together they make a great team. This is an ideal book for those looking for a quick afternoon read that will sweep them off their feet!

Amanda Hupe