A Knight’s Seduction (Knight’s Series Book 5)


As the rejected bastard son of Geoffrey de Lanceau, Tye has a giant chip on his shoulder. His mother has told him the story many times of how she took him to his father and his father threatened to kill the young boy. Now Tye is consumed with hatred for the man and his only goal in life is to kill his sire. He raids one of his father’s castles and meets the fair beauty, Claire, who is in mourning for her fiancé, killed while guarding prisoners. Tye is immediately taken in by the beauty. This enrages his mother who plots Claire’s death so that Tye will not waver from the task of killing his sire.


This is a delicious tale of knights and damsels in distress and good versus evil! Tye and Claire are three-dimensional characters who have their secrets. The attention to detail when describing the keep and the castle is exquisite and the reader can easily “see” the layout, which is important during the course of the story. Some editing is needed to make a good story even better. There are quite a few instances where there are extra words in sentences which interfere with the flow of the tale. There are several plot twists that make the story particularly interesting and the ending is quite a surprise!


Belinda Wilson