A Knight’s Quest (Falling for a Knight #1)


MEDIEVAL:  Lady Sophia would do anything to keep her family safe, so when an English knight, Sir Garrick de Bremont arrives at her home, she doesn’t trust him at all. Garrick was sent to Scotland on a secret mission to uncover who is stirring up trouble and why. Lady Sophia immediately lands at the top of Sir Garrick’s list of suspects. Despite their mutual distrust, they do feel an attraction toward one another. But can they pursue it  when they can’t even trust one another? And this may be the least of their worries, as more serious trouble brews on the horizon.  

Each of Garrick and Sophia have an interesting personality. Especially for a woman in that time and era, Sophia is independent, headstrong, and knows what she wants. However, while this often makes a character unrealistic, not so with Sophia. She comes across as very realistic. Her focus on her family is admirable too. Garrick is everything a reader would want from a knight. Gallant and brave, honorable, clever, but also a little lost, looking for a purpose. Both characters are flawed, which make them more likeable. 

The world building was excellent, and the author made the streets of medieval Scotland come to life, especially by throwing in some Scottish slang. The secondary characters each have their own personality, and every character that appears adds something unique to the book. While perhaps not the most original storyline ever, it does offer an enjoyable mix of historical romance and mystery. 

Majanka Verstraete