A Kiss in the Wind: Romancing the Pirate #2

Jennifer Bray-
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Marisol Castellan is no stranger to life on board a pirate ship.  Under the tutelage of the ruthless Captain Adrian, she has raised her blade and battled alongside the best of them.  When the captain leaves her younger brother Monte behind after a failed raid, Marisol is determined to find him.
Convinced that his whereabouts are somehow connected to a merchant vessel laden with silver, she intercepts a message meant for rival captain Blade Tyburn and it brings her voluptuous self directly into his lusty sights.
After a bit of a slow start, this was a hugely entertaining romp of a pirate adventure!  It unfolds before the readers' eyes just like a movie, sweeping  along at a breathless pace, twisting and turning until it comes to a wonderfully romantic conclusion.
Ms. Bray-Weber has an excellent turn of phrase and she imbues her characters with a manner of speaking that makes them larger than life.  Her descriptions are vivid and lush, perfectly suited for this Caribbean adventure.  She brings the best of the historical romances of the 1970s and 80s into present day.  A minor quibble would be that some of the prose wanders towards purple, and a couple of the naughty bits had some jarring descriptions ("his zesty juices" was one) but truly, these aren't enough to take away from one's enjoyment of the book.
A spirited, sassy heroine, a lusty Hero, a lively cast of secondary characters and some truly nasty villains make “A Kiss in the Wind” a treat to read and a pleasure to recommend.  Argh, mateys!
Tammy Grant