The Kiss of a Viscount

Linda Rae
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REGENCY:  Josephine Wentworth is the long-time mistress to George Bennett-Jones, recent inheritor of a viscountcy. She is determined to find her protector a wife, since she will soon be out of the mistress business. Josephine is a savvy woman, both in politics and matters of love, with timely advice on how to catch a wife for George. Reluctant at first, since he loves his mistress and would gladly marry her, George realizes that Josephine’s choice for him truly is the woman he wants to marry. Lady Elizabeth Carlington is a woman he can love deeply. He sets out to woo her ardently, and show her that he is her ideal husband, despite the fact that a handsome earl is also vying for her hand.

Readers of this rich tale will enjoy meeting characters that are three-dimensional and likable. The relationship between George and Josephine is a pivotal part of the story.  This is unusual for a romance, but it adds character to this novel and elucidates how wonderful George is, even if he’s not handsome and dashing. While Elizabeth has some preconceived notions that aren’t as admirable in a heroine, it’s realistic for her station in life. She has to learn that her ideal husband isn’t necessarily drop-dead handsome and rich, because it’s more important for him to love her deeply. The Kiss of a Viscount is Regency romance with an interesting twist. Steamy, with a nice dash of humor, it shows that appearances aren’t everything when it comes to matters of the heart.  Nicely done!


Danielle Hill