To Kiss a Rake


Melinda Starling must beware the consequences of what she chooses to do in life. Yet, she continues to buck convention, until finally it comes back to bite her fully on her derriere.

Miles Warren, the notorious Viscount Garrison has always said, “Be damned what others think.” Yet, deep down inside it gnaws at him that his reputation is so sullied.

Together the two, in a plan to assist friends, find themselves in a precarious situation. The only answer is for them to marry. Yet, Melinda wants love, and Miles claims he can never love again.

Love, the source of much heartbreak. An illusive mistress, it dances just out of reach for so many, yet when within range not all see it clearly. The premise of this story is original and refreshing. A failed elopement for two lovers results in an unlikely marriage for two strangers, who have more in common than they realize. Melinda and Miles both harbour secrets that could forever change their reputations, yet together their secrets are nothing more than fodder for the gossips. A love story that requires little work, Ms. Monajem crafted two exceptional characters that together shine like a gilded statue. A testament to true love in the most unlikely of situations. The plot is well crafted and the sizzling romance is superbly represented from the second Melinda falls into Miles’ arms. Even scheming, conniving, old biddies cannot derail this story or the passion of these two delightful characters!

Penelope Anne Bartotto