A Kiss in the Morning Mist (MacDermott Brothers #2)


Eamon MacDermott did not intend to return to the town where the Logan gang murdered his brother and his family: murders he failed to stop, and which left him nearly dead himself. Since hanging up his guns as a U.S Marshal, he wanders from place to place until a chance stop at Morning Mist horse farm changes everything.  At the business end of a shotgun barrel is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. Widow Theodosia Danforth knows something haunts the handsome rover, and just like the orphans she’s adopted and the animals she’s saved, she suspects genuine kindness will help. She just has to convince Eamon he deserves to be happy again. With the town founder after her lands, and the Logan gang resurfacing, will she be able to convince Eamon to stay with her to  pursue a future together, or will she lose him to vengeance?

A historical romance with steam to spare, “A Kiss in the Morning Mist” is the second book in the “MacDermott Brothers” series.  Both Theo and Eamon are interesting characters, and the passion and emotion between them flows off the page. The story pace is smooth and the descriptions of the characters, setting, and conversations are all very vivid,  showing the story rather than telling. Despite the conflict itself being rather minor and the bad guys in question easily handled, this is a real winner for fans of steamy historical romance.

Sarah E Bradley