Kingslayer's Daugther (The House of Pendray Book 2)


Widowed after five long years of marriage, Sarah North suddenly finds herself taking in her recently widowed mother, a woman she barely knows. As they travel back to Birmingham, she meets Munro Pendray, an amiable, friendly gentleman with a ready sense of humor. Munro is smitten by Sarah and decides to alter his journey to learn more of the new widow. He admires her independence and strength as she struggles to run the apothecary shop she owns. It's much more than simple attraction, but even as Sarah draws him in, she pushes him away. Sarah has secrets that chain her to the past, and Munro is determined to know them all in order to make Sarah his wife.  Can the son of an earl truly love the daughter of a kingslayer?

"Kingslayer's Daughter" is a delightful, heartwarming historical romance! Based around the real-life actions of Henry Marten, a signatory of King Charles I's death warrant, the story tells the fictionalized tale of his natural daughter. Sarah is intelligent, determined and compassionate. Munro recognizes those qualities and sets about proving he is the right man for her. Each goes through a journey of self-discovery that provides revelations and promise for the future. Historical detail lends atmosphere and a plot thread on child labor adds depth to the story. The story develops gently, like rolling hills, rather than with dramatic peaks and falls. "Kingslayer's Daughter" explores the power of love with a deft touch that will capture readers' attention and leave them satisfied in the end!

Tricia Hill