Reviews - Historical

Lenore Garrett has left America and headed to England in the hopes of finding an English Lord to make it in high society. With a fake engagement to Frederick Herrington, she is able to hide her true motives for leaving her home. She has managed to keep her secret… until she meets Phineas Mercer.

Miss Joanna Dalrymple is thrown into society when her father inherits a fortune from a relative. He is determined to ensure she has the proper upbringing. At her first ball, she is introduced to Lord Reade. He is tall, dark, and there is something about him that she cannot resist. Gareth Reade is an agent of the crown.

Matilda Griffins interviews with Seth Hawins to be the new governess for his daughter, Chloe. Matilda has no experience, and she soon tells Seth the real reason that she needs to get away. She needs to escape from her overbearing cousin, who is also her legal guardian, whom has promised her to a vile man. Seth hires the damsel in distress, regardless of her lack of experience.

Lady Phoebe Darlington’s life changed in an instance. Raised as a pampered daughter of the aristocracy, the death of her disreputable father leaves her and her mother destitute.  Accepting a job as a shop girl in a large department store, Phoebe now waits on those who were once her friends.

Charlaine Palmer had a happy life growing up in Jamaica, until everyone in her family is killed by a mysterious sickness. Alone in the world, Charlaine is sent to live with a close family friend in England, but upon arrival, Charlaine is made shockingly aware of just how different she is from the aristocracy she must now live amongst.