Kilts Ahoy (Clash of the Tartans Book 6)


The MacCray and Robson clans have been feuding for three hundred years. No one remembers why anymore; they just accept it. Marshall Robson is tired of the feud and decides to take matters into his own hands, even though his brother, Elgin, is the Laird. He sets out in his birlinn for the port of Wick to negotiate a deal with the MacCray’s: use of the port in exchange for teaching the MacCray’s how to navigate to Norway. He also wants the MacCray daughter to marry his drunken, unwashed brother, the Laird, but once Marshall meets Teagan, he wants her for himself. Teagan feels the same way about Marshall, but is determined to marry Elgin because she is a woman of her word. Marshall feels they are soul mates and is sure there is a way for the two of them to be together. 

“Kilts Ahoy” has many colorful characters traipsing through its pages, from the drunken, irresponsible Laird Elgin Robson, to the charismatic Laird Beathan MacCray. Several plot twists take the reader by surprise.  This is not your typical love story, making for a refreshing tale. It is difficult at times to follow each of Teagan’s seven brothers when they are speaking. Ms. Markland does an outstanding job in pulling several brothers to the side, giving them tasks that make them memorable, as in the instance of Seth and Finlay. She also consistently uses a Scottish accent throughout the story, lending it authenticity.  A beautiful story and a must read for Scottish enthusiasts!

Belinda Wilson