Keeping Secrets (Children of the Light #1)

Donna Hechler

INSPIRATIONAL:  Amon Cayle is a widower. His sister Agathy helps him with his children and lets him know that they are all in need of new clothing. His eldest daughter Elizabeth suggests they hire Mary McKechnie to sew for them, because she’s an excellent seamstress and she’s almost penniless since she’s been widowed. Mary is the last person with whom Amon wishes to deal. They were engaged twenty years before and Mary left him and suddenly married Sam McKechnie. They’ve not spoken since. Amon reluctantly hires Mary and finds he still loves her. Now he needs to rekindle her love for him. Meanwhile, her brother Lawrence threatens to take her daughters if she accepts the job from Amon. Law is a powerful force in the community; Mary is terrified to defy him. Do Amon and Mary stand a chance against this force of evil?


This is a beautifully written story, but it tends to drag due to too much detail. The characters are full and have depth and it is interesting to learn their secrets. It’s slightly confusing at times as far as character relationships. It wasn’t clear until the middle of the book that Annie and Katie are identical twins with only one major difference. Annie, Mary’s daughter as well as David, Amon’s son have their secrets that are eventually divulged and makes for interesting, but sometimes heartbreaking reading. Overall it is an enjoyable read and informative story about the Friends Society.


Belinda Wilson