Keeper of My Dreams

Susan Leigh

Widow Leena Cullane Adair is in town for the first time when a gaggle of geese interferes with her crossing the street, making her fall. Across the street, the gunsmith sees and rescues her. He carries her to the mercer’s shop. She learns his name is Reid Halliburton, a widower with three boys. Over a few days’ time, they begin to fall in love. Then a pirate, Jonas McDever shows up at the gunsmith’s demanding the latest gun Reid has developed. Reid refuses and McDever threatens to take one of his boys to use on his ship in retaliation. Reid hides his boys in Leena’s wagon she and her brothers are taking back to the highlands. The boys are discovered when they stop for the night. The boys relate their troubles, and it is decided to take the boys to the highlands.

“Keeper of My Dreams” is a brilliantly told story by Ms. Furlong. She delves into the psyches of the grieving widow and widower and the reader can feel their losses. Jonas McDever is a character so evil he makes even the reader wary and disconcerted. Just when one thinks the little band of travelers is in the clear, trouble catches up to them. It was not always clear as to who is speaking because there are a lot of characters portrayed. Background information for Leena was repetitious. The story arc is intense and keeps the reader turning pages to see what happens next. An engaging story, “Keeper of My Dreams” ends agreeably, and then alludes to the next book in the series, which sounds very promising.

Belinda Wilson