Keep On Believing (Where Dreams Come True #4)


FAIRYTALE:  What if Cinderella didn’t stick around after her father dies and instead disappears to another kingdom? When Ella Spencer realizes that life at the hands of her abusive and evil stepmother is more than she or her brother can bear, they steal away in the night with some of the family jewels and find a new home in the neighboring kingdom. Christopher Morgan is a teacher with secrets of his own, so when one of his students continues to cause trouble, he’s determined to help. When he meets his student’s older sister he discovers a family with more secrets than his own. Together and with a bit of magic, they might be able to achieve their dreams.


A appealing retelling of a classic tale, “Keep on Believing” is a clean fairy tale with a cute romance, and new spin on an old story. However, it lacks description of any of the settings, the characters are one dimensional, the pace is a bit slow and the plot relies on telling instead of showing to move it along. On the other hand, Christopher is an average guy who likes Ella and takes to her brother, making him a true every-day Prince Charming. With his magical sidekick Chris is very likeable. Ella is also not your average damsel in distress, and does quite a lot to protect her brother. With a bit of work, "Keep on Believing" will be a charming read with likeable characters and a bit of romance - a worthwhile way to spend a lazy afternoon.


Sarah E. Bradley