Just a Little Mischief (The Brotherhood Book 9)


LGBTQ: While walking in St James Park, Xavier Lawrence, valet to Duke Selby, is dared by his friends to find a willing man for sexual gratification. Xavier is a bit apprehensive, but goes along with it and finds Alexander “Zander” Plushenko agreeable to pleasing him. Just as Xavier and Xander are kissing and touching each other passionately, they are caught by the police. Xaiver is able to get away but laments what happened to Zander. Xavier must accompany the duke on a cruise never thinking he would see Zander. Luckily, both are on the same boat traveling to New York. It is a luxury ship filled with love and more happening everywhere even with the threat of discovery.

What a fun-filled gay love story while aboard a pleasure-filled yacht! Still, things aren’t all that wonderful on the fantasy boat. There is a doomed feeling that the vessel will follow the Titanic and end up crashing and sinking even with all the romantic entanglements going on. The settings are vividly written and easy to imagine. There is still the missing duke’s son that isn’t resolved, leaving readers wondering what will happen or if he’ll ever be found. Both Xavier and Zander are great characters. The romance between the two happens quite quickly feeling very lust driven. The large periods of time apart between the two makes it somewhat unbelievable that they are both in love. It is an exciting transatlantic voyage filled with humor and unexpected tragedy. Still things manage to work out, ending happily despite insurmountable odds.

Roslynn Ernst