Just a Little Madness


LGBTQ: Edward Archibald, upstanding Member of Parliament, loves to escape his stifling lifestyle by going to the theater. Edward goes not just to watch the plays but because he likes to watch Martin Piper. After the play, Martin saves Edward from a carnal tryst with a man who would probably hurt more than help him. When The Brotherhood asks Edward to figure out where his brother is and bring back a medallion, in exchange for a kidnapped lord; Edward must oblige them. The Brotherhood want Martin and Edward to travel together to solve all the mysteries, which scares Edward to no end. Edward knows that if he shows Martin how he feels he will not only be shunned by everyone including his constituents.

What a uniquely different M/M Victorian romance between an MP and an actor that is a joy to read! The writing is crisp; the story moves smoothly; and, despite one of the main protagonist’s feelings of being repressed, the characters are wonderfully drawn out! Ms. Farmer knows how to tell a tale filled with intrigue, exceptional plot twists and enough mystery to be satisfying, even with the somewhat dangling ending. Edward, the constrained and frightened parliamentary member, is so scared of nearly everything it’s truly a wonder how he manages to find confidence within himself. It’s really easy to sympathize with not just him, but his entire plight, while Martin, the carefree thespian, really breaks up any monotony and brings some comic relief to the book. This is a really appealing story that readers will relish!

Roslynn Ernst