Just A Little Heartache (The Brotherhood #5)


LGBTQ: Niall has become quite the popular playwright in London! He is amongst the most talented and fabulous people, but he still feels empty. Then he receives a letter from his former lover, Lord Blake. It has been more than ten years since they last saw each other—which happened to be the moment when Blake broke his heart. But now Blake needs Niall's help. Lord Blake's wife has discovered his secrets and has taken away his children. There is no one else that Blake trusts. Will Blake and Niall reuniting reignite the passionate love they shared years before? Niall wants to help but is terrified to put his heart on the line again.

One thing is for sure, Merry Farmer knows how to write a deliciously spicy tale! Niall and Blake have chemistry for days. The story takes place between two timelines: when Blake's children are kidnapped and ten years before, at the beginning of their love story. While those intertwining timelines are rough at first, they do come together beautifully in the end. It is wonderful how this story highlights the terrible discrimination placed on LGBTQ individuals during this time, but also how they came together to protect each other. It was also beautiful to see Niall help Blake love himself for who he truly is on the inside. The pace and the passion are consistent to the very end. Playwrights, suspense, and passionate love... what more could a romance reader ask for?

Amanda Hupe