The Judge (Highland Heroes Book 3)


Isobel’s heart belongs to Alasdair Cameron, but she is forced to marry the cruel, heartless Lord Archibald Cuthbarten, Duke of Temsworth. Ten years later, she escapes from Temsworth with her five-year-old son, Connor. Alasdair finds her taking refuge in a house of ill repute as a maid to support her elderly aunt and son. Alasdair has never loved another woman since Isobel and is determined to make her his. While Isobel and her little family flee to the highlands from Edinburgh, Scotland, with Alasdair’s cousin, Sutherland and Alasdair, Alasdair sends a proposal to Temsworth that he divorce Isobel. Temsworth is enraged and sends the king’s men after them with the orders to bring his son back to him alive and kill Isobel and Alasdair. 

“The Judge” is the third in the Highland Hero series. It is exciting to see Alasdair and Ian Cameron again. The world building is bigger than life with the castles and Madam Georgianna’s establishment for gentlemen coming to life. It is easy to imagine the obstacles Isobel and Alasdair encounter as they travel to the highlands. Isobel, Alasdair and their traveling troupe leap off the page; they are so realistic. Unfortunately, too much description and dialogue rehashing their past slows down the pacing of the story to a near crawl in some chapters. The story is clichéd, but a good one – damsel in distress is rescued by a “knight” in shining armor. Overall, a very enjoyable story. This series gives much to anticipate!

Belinda Wilson