The Jilter (A Series of Worthy Young Ladies, Book 5)

Kate Archer

Lady Prudence Landry, the only daughter of the Earl of Copeland, is an innocent who has been targeted by a deceitful man masquerading as Lord Luckstone. As a result, she and her father are barricaded in their home, because if they dare to leave, they are accosted by Luckstone, who has announced his fake engagement to Prudence in their small town.  Ambrose Thorpe, the Marquess of Ryland, is the leader of The Society for Advancing Criminal Knowledge (SACK) in London. One of his most ardent fans, Lady Featherstone, is part of The Society of Sponsoring Ladies. With no daughters of their own, this Society of matrons sponsors worthy young ladies; thus, Lady Featherstone decides to rescue Prudence, facilitate her escape from Luckstone, and sponsor her for a season in London. 


Between the laughter, the lighthearted scenes (especially one particular dance!), and the entertaining dialogue, this book is a delight! Additionally, it also contains a shrouded mystery, while moderate tension adds gravitas and drives the storyline and the pace. The murder of Ryland’s father over the missing Lisbon Diamond is connected to the goings-on within this story, but readers must unravel how and why this is so. There is also an eleven-year-old character that adds a bit of levity to the serious parts, and is an especially welcome foil. The protagonists and the supporting characters provide a variety of believable as well as fanciful roles within this story.  Ms. Archer defines the conflicts sufficiently, and then delivers an appropriate conclusion that fits the storyline. 


Carey Sullivan