Jilted and Kilted – A Steamy Pirate Novella


Ruby Berry, head-strong daughter of an English privateer, is forced into an unwanted betrothal to Vice-Admiral William Stanhope, who she considers an uppity bore. She doesn’t mind letting her parents know she longs for a more adventurous life. Callum Campbell, Lord Argyll, and feared Scottish pirate known as the Scourge of the Seas, is enchanted by the fiery English siren at a dinner held by her father. Recognizing her rebellious spirit, he offers a chance for a brief adventure before she is trapped into the mundane life of a Vice-Admiral’s wife, a proposal she decides to accept, catapulting both their worlds into a tailspin of feverish kisses and desires they cannot fight. 

“Jilted and Kilted” is a short story of titanic proportions! This steamy pirate novella is a fast-paced, love-at-first-sight, swashbuckling tale of kindred spirits embarking on a romantic adventure! Although the plot is as old as time, with the usual baddie determined to have all he wants by any means necessary, it still manages to provide a few breath-stealing moments of frothing hunger and life-altering betrayal. The hero is a scrumptious Scottish pirate who dares to love a brave English lass who longs for more than the ho-hum existence of everyday life. Their instant attraction starts out on rocky shores and then grows into swelling waves of steaming passion. There is witty dialogue thick with a Scottish burr that rolls off the page to tickle the reader’s ear. Ms. Mia Pride delivers a mini-saga readers will recognize as a delightful treasure that hits the spot as they long for a salt-kissed voyage of their very own!

Tonya Mathenia