Jewel of the East (The Devil DeVere) 


Simon Singleton had everything but responsibility. Salime had nothing but her sensual skill to seduce and pleasure a man. A myriad of circumstances beyond either of their control brings them together. Yet, each harbors hidden nightmares that imprison their very emotional souls. Neither believes that they can ever be loved, no matter what their friend Viscount Ludovic Devere tells them. 

"The Jewel of the East", while the fifth book in The Devil DeVere series, is definitely able to stand alone and be read without the reader lacking needed information. The author has beautifully blended her characters to a point that they are both richly created and very viable alone or together. During the tale being told a vibrant rug is being woven that in the end is a finished article fit for any palace. 

Two broken souls coming together to heal. One knowing they are broken, the other only feeling lost, they are bound together in a silent sense of connection. Eventually they find a balance, and then a sense of love. Be prepared for a truly erotic story with strong romance that tugs at the heart strings. The adventure level is minimal, and not quite unique, but befits this story’s needs, culminating in the desired happy ending. There is much hope that there will be more of the tale of Simon and Salime, and the life they have only just begun in the wilds of Ireland. 

Penelope Bartotto