Jesse and the Mail Order Bride (Texas Hill Country Mail Order Brides)

Caroline Clemmons

Jesse Cameron was born and raised in Scotland by his parents. After leaving Scotland, he comes to Harrigan County, Texas and finds he loves the place and people. Jesse stays and is made Sheriff of Harrigan County. He keeps all the troublemakers and criminals away from the town but is fair and well respected. Now that this new resident has a steady job and a home, he feels like it is time for him to have a wife and family. Along with Zan, his friend and deputy, they write to a matchmaker, both looking for wives. Rosalin grew up in an orphanage and now she is in the clutches of Develin, an evil man who has her picking pockets and participating in other illegal crimes. No one has ever escaped this evil man and lived to tell the tale. Rosalin, along with her best friend, Mary, and an 8-year-old boy who is abused and mistreated, devises a plan to escape from Develin’s clutches by becoming mail order brides.

“Jesse and the Mail Order Bride” is a heartwarming tale. The reader will be hooked from the very first page, staying engrossed until the very end. The story is a fast read that leaves one wanting more. Caroline Clemmons, writes an enjoyable story with a suspenseful plot and likable characters. There are Christian elements woven throughout the tale which make the story so much more enjoyable. The reader will love all the characters, along with the small-town setting where the locals are very close and caring to one another. If you love sweet romances, this is a must read for you! 

Victoria Zumbrum