Jessamine’s Folly


When Jessamine Foster’s parents die and she is left penniless with relatives who despise her, Jessamine takes the only way out she has and becomes a companion to Lord Kirkendale’s sister. Like her predecessors, Jessamine loses her heart to the handsome and kind lord, but he is trapped in an arranged marriage to a woman he doesn’t love. Can the two find happiness or will scandal and conspiring neighbors and relatives steal everything?


A sweet Edwardian romance, great for historical romance readers looking for another easy read. The basic plot is not new, however Jessamine’s true background does add a bit of color to this Cinderella-type tale. On the other hand, the main characters lack substance and Jessamine herself is rather weak. The few sparks she shows quickly fade as she allows others to solve her problems. Lord Kirkendale is handsome but not particularly noteworthy. Their attraction is instant but without fire behind it, and the challenges to their romance are swept aside rather easily even once Jessamine’s background is revealed. The most interesting characters are actually the villains of the story as they sink particularly low at times, uncommon to this type of tale. Overall, this is a good read for those looking for a clean regency-type escape with a bit of scandal thrown in.


Sarah E Bradley