Jeremy’s Home/There’s Always Hope (Sweetwater Book 3)


Sweetwater is a place of hope and second chances, which could be why so many lost souls find their way there. Following an attack, Faith knows her friend will be safe with Callie, even if it means traversing the world alone. Hope, despite her name, has resigned herself to never having a family of her own.  After witnessing his brother’s newfound happiness, Jeremy quickly realizes his true ambitions, and none of them involve the woman soon to be his wife. Then there is Coyote, a bounty hunter who manages to tangle Hope in his pursuit of a dangerous criminal. Against all odds, these couples find themselves drawn into each other’s worlds, but their prejudices and differences could be what tears them apart. 

Continuing Ms. Payne’s Sweetwater tradition, this novel contains two books for the price of one. Both stories are relatively short, with the entire book being approximately 330 pages, yet they each feel complete. Fans of mail-order, old West brides will feel they’ve found an old friend as the stories feel familiar. While they bring nothing new to the genre, both stories will leave readers contented. Ms. Payne has a distinct style that can ultimately be called simple, but not necessarily in a negative way. It could use another round of proofreading however, as there are multiple grammatical mistakes throughout. The modern sounding dialogue sometimes comes across as unauthentic. That being said, Ms. Payne shines when it comes to developing relationships. Though these stories may technically be considered romances, it is the relationship Ms. Payne builds between not only her leads, but their families and friends that truly give this novel a heartwarming feel. 

Arec Rain