Jared: Bachelors & Babes Book 7


WESTERN: Ruth Healy Kimbrough is in a terrible fix. She accidentally overheard a damning conversation and now her no-good, ex-fiancé is determined to put an end to the problem... permanently.  In a frantic race to get away, Healy purchases a train ticket and heads to Montana using her sister’s last name. However, once there, the town folk assume “Mrs. Healy Givens” can only mean Jared (her brother-in-law) has married!
Jared is fit to be tied when he realizes he must go along with this charade or risk the life of an innocent young woman. The problem is, it is ruining his!  Just when he was all set to ask for his girlfriend’s hand, he is now presumed to have married another.  Between keeping one very inconvenient beauty safe and holding on to his long-held plans, Jared is learning life can sure throw the heart for a loop!
The Givens family life is turned on its heels in this engaging romp of a western! The setting virtually pops with charm as the author paints an endearing look at life in Montana during the 19th century. It is filled with warmth and heart with characters that are easy to love.  The novella length holds the story back, however.  Real depth and understanding of the characters, their personalities, motives and feelings can’t be truly discovered, as the story races through events toward the climax. Then, with just a turn of the page, we are enjoying their happily ever after.  Whew!  Still, it was a sweet, fun escape, perfect when one needs a break from reality but has little time to enjoy it!
Ruth Lynn Ritter