Jane Austen and the Archangel


Author Jane Austen is struggling to write her next novel. She has been moderately successful with a few books now published but remains very private.  While residing at Chawton cottage, she receives a series of letters from her dear friend Lady Serena - two years earlier at the battle at Salamanca, Spain, Lord Darcy Hathloss was declared missing.  Serena is devastated. Her parents are eager to see her forget him and renew enter a new marriage betrothal.  She refuses and seeks her friend Jane for support.

A curious encounter with a letter carrier named Michael Grace causes Jane to wonder if perhaps he is a spy. He has given her hope that he can locate Lord Darcy and although she doubts him, she slowly begins to see there is more to him than she originally thought.  Michael has become enraptured by Jane and will do anything to see her happy and Jane begins to wonder if she is destined for the kind of love she writes about in fiction.
This interesting mix of paranormal and romance makes the reader wonder if perhaps Jane Austen herself was destined for love.  Michael, an angel who loves happy endings, is a wonderful choice; however the chemistry between them could have been a little more convincing.  When entering this world of angels it becomes somewhat difficult to fully understand their purpose and the rules in which they live by.  Serena and Darcy's love story however is charming and takes center stage. For any paranormal or Jane Austen fan this is an angelic read!

 Margaret Faria