The Jade Lioness (Book #3 of the Kamashiro Series)


Christina Courtenay continues her Kumashiro historical romance series with “The Jade Lioness.” Set in 17th Century Japan, Temperance Marston accompanies her half- Japanese cousin and her Dutch husband on a trip to Japan.  Foreign trade is all but banned except for the Dutch, and all foreigners are confined to the claustrophobically small island of Dejima.  Temperance’s excitement at visiting Japan is dimmed by confinement on the island and her need to dress as a man. She’ll soon have more excitement than she can handle. Temperance meets Kanno Kazuo, the son of a prominent Samurai who was framed and branded Ronin. Determined to redeem his father’s name, Kazuo is fiercely attracted to the young gaijin woman.  He saves her from abduction and being sold as a courtesan, forcing them to flee from the brutal, corrupt samurai who bought Temperance and Kazuo’s father’s possible betrayer.  Although fate seems against them, their love holds the promise of a lifetime.


This is an exciting book, full of rich detail about 17th Century Japan. Temperance and Kazuo are both likable and compelling leads.  Their courtship is romantic and the gradual development of their love is authentic, despite their vastly differing cultures.  In addition to an involving romance, there is near constant suspense and adventure as the young couple evades their enemies and Kazuo works to catch his father’s betrayer.  With a distinctive setting and storyline, “The Jade Lioness” has appeal for historical romance fans looking for a richly detailed and well-written novel.

Danielle Hill