Jacques (The Sword and the Spirit #3)


Jacques Aznar is a Basque Templar Knight in a time when the Templars are being hunted and imprisoned on false charges. In the wilds of Scotland, he and his compatriots have found a home, and even love. But while Jacques heart has been stolen by Morag MacKellar, his spirit is torn between his oaths and obligations. When a letter arrives summoning him to aid an old friend in France, Jacques will risk everything to uphold his duty. Meanwhile in Scotland an old enemy is plotting, and those that Jacques loves will need him there as well.

 A smooth and distinct two-part journey, “Jacques” is a Medieval tale of self-discovery, romance, and faith. As the third book in its series, it continues some of the subplots from prior books, and thus they should be read in order for maximum enjoyment. The book also has plenty of buildup for a fourth book for fans of the series. The story itself utilizes its characters to the hilt, with the romantic and brooding Knight and his constant Scottish lass playing their parts to perfection. While the story lacks unpredictable, unique or stand out action, emotion, or elements that surprise or linger after reading, the book does have smooth writing, a complete plot, some constant burning romance with a hint of steam, and the kind of characters that fans of this genre will enjoy and find worth reading about.

Sarah Bradley