Jackal (Regency Refuge #2)


INSPIRATIONAL:  Rupert has all but retired from his past profession, due to his lame left leg. He was injured during his last case and is in hiding in order to save himself from The Hunter. He is satisfied with the life of a steward, but that changes with the arrival of three young women and their chaperone - who show up on his doorstep penniless, with nowhere to go. He also learns that he is now the Earl of Mendax, and faced with real responsibilities. There is no money to go with the title. Rupert is suspicious of this, so he sends word to a lawyer friend to learn the true story. 

"Jackal" is ripe with intrigue; Rupert is a spy known as The Jackal, hiding from The Hunter .  No one knows what the Hunter looks like; it is only known that he is murderous. The blossoming love between the Earl and Juliana is poignant and compelling. There is deception at every turn. Juliana and her sisters have their secrets, Rupert has his. Sometimes the story gets bogged down with all the secrets. 

This is a fast-moving novel - full of mystery, suspense, romance and faith - and it is difficult to put down until the last page is turned!

Belinda Wilson