Isle of the Blessed


Josephine “Joie” MacAdams has kept the secret of the DeReyne heirloom sword ever since her late mother told her about it. Legend states that only the man she trusts with her heart, her life or her love will be worthy of the gladius. Unlucky in love, her mother believed it was cursed, but Joie lives with hope in her heart that her future husband, Graeme MacAuley, will break the curse. Except Graeme is furious about the arranged marriage and will do his best to get out of it. Joie doesn’t understand his attitude, but she’s grateful the MacAuleys have rescued her and her best friend Laurin from her abusive brother. Laurin has suffered untold horrors in the MacAdams' keep and is not only confused by, but afraid of Albert MacAuley’s attention. Experiencing love at first sight, Albert has every intention of making Laurin his wife even if he must patiently wait a lifetime for her trust. With obstacles to overcome will these two couples find their happily ever after?


Ms. Tisdale wrings such emotion from beyond the page that at times it seems as if she stabs a dirk though one’s own heart as well as her characters’ in this vibrantly depicted Scottish tale of adversity, hope, strength, and love. Scotland is very nearly a character itself in this dual love story and while the women are richly portrayed, the men, while dashing and honorable, are not layered as brilliantly. There is also a confusing plot point that is never properly explained. However, this historical romance has all the feels and will leave the reader yearning for Highlanders, heather, and days of yore.


Carol Conley