An Irresistible Shadow

Kirsten S.

On the English side of the border, Evelyn, daughter of a Baron, has been allowed to do as she pleases her whole life. And she pleases to learn how to be a Baron, not a Lady. Knowing she needs to marry, her father and her cousin, Madeline, attempt to get her to reconsider never marrying. But a traitor close to her father has brought unknown men into her life: honorable, yet unbending men, ones who live in shadows. Shadows aren't always dark, however, and sometimes an unbending will is just what is needed.


The irony of having reviewed book two before book one only solidifies how amazing this author is. There was never a sense of being lost, with unknown characters, by reading out of order, and the beginning of this series just proves the care and attention to detail given to be seamless. Evelyn, Madeline, Alexander, and Gabriel are not only solidly wonderful characters, but true to their times: strong without breaking into modern mores. The villain is a bit too noticeable, one knows who he is a bit too soon, and there are a few convention hiccups, yet that is overshadowed by the purposeful confusion and amazing play between the brothers with their distinct relationships with Evelyn and Madeline. The interplay and devotion between Gabriel and Alexander, and their attention and care of the cousins, will make one want to bring them home to meet mom, and then run away and elope. The first in a series well worth the time to delve into, Ms. Blacketer is a name you will remember.


Julie York