The Iron Knight (The de Russe Legacy Series: Book 3)

Le Veque

MEDIEVAL:  Sir Lucien de Russe bears the moniker the Iron Knight. He has gained this not for his attitude, but for his seemingly immunity to harm. Then one fateful day an arrow hits the mark and incapacitates the great man, leaving him forever wounded both in body and spirit. The King seeks to reward his valiant knight by arranging a betrothal to a young woman, but Lucien has no desire to be married again, especially to a child. 


Lady Sophina Seavington de Gournay is a widow traveling with her daughter to meet her intended when their carriage is set upon by outlaws. Finding themselves trapped in a sinking carriage they are rescued by none other than the Iron Knight. Saved, they find themselves drawn into a complex drama at the home of de Russe. Love is a funny thing and it finds people at the strangest times. Oddly enough it has found many at Spelthorne Castle, at the most inconvenient of times. 


A rich tapestry of characters overflows the pages entrapping the reader into a complicated tale of second chances. A vivid plot thickens throughout, deftly drawing the reader in to a historical marvel. Some minor editorial concerns and a tad bit of drag detract a bit from the overall enjoyment of the tale being told. However, none would deny that there is strong intrigue within the web of deceit and devotion woven. The romantic notions of love at first sight and wishes coming true are quite refreshing.  


Penelope Anne Bartotto