Inventing Vivian


Vivian Kirby knows only too well the challenges a woman in Victorian society faces—especially if the woman has interests outside of ballrooms and marriage. Vivian is blessed (or cursed) with a scientific mind and an insatiable curiosity, which leads her to take apart, reassemble and invent the most ingenious of things. Unfortunately, society doesn’t appreciate her gift. Lord Benedict never aspired to become a Marquis; that was his brother's title until his untimely death. Now Benedict must leave his happier, quieter life in China and assume the title and all the responsibilities it brings, responsibilities Benedict has no idea how to navigate. A chance accident in his garden brings him face-to-face with a beautiful but shameful memory from his past, one who cannot stand the sight of him but just might mean his redemption and hope for a better tomorrow.

What a fun and engaging way to explore romance in the Victorian age! Vivian’s character gives readers a look into the frustrations an extremely intelligent woman would have had in an era that does not value those qualities. Her struggles, disappointments and accomplishments allow one to learn as well as be entertained in this delightful romance. The Chinese twist on Benedict’s character is also fresh and creative. The overall pace of the story is a bit slow-moving and the ending leaves the relationship rather ambiguous. It is implied the two are in love but the reader has no idea if they are proceeding as friends or have become much more. Still, “Inventing Vivian” truly is a creative and enjoyable romance that both enlightens and delights."

Ruth Lynn Ritter