Inventing the Viscount (The Bluestocking Scandals Book 2)

St. Clair

Lady Fredericka Ashworth is facing a big decision. She is past marriageable age and needs a husband, one who will allow her to continue with her odd hobby of inventing things and woodworking. Love would be a bonus, but her freedom is paramount. When she encounters childhood friend Lord Miles Luxington, an idea springs to mind. Although Miles has always been very quiet and aloof, he is available, as well as being an heir to the marquessate. He may make her the perfect match. Miles isn’t really the antisocial boor most think he is; in fact, he has a secret affliction. He’s deaf, and so avoids social events altogether. When “Freddie” asks him to call on her, he wonders if he should try to make a marriage of convenience work.

An unusual tale of two unique individuals, this novel embraces a heroine who dares tread beyond the usual female role of the times, and a hero who is deaf. In so doing, a common “marriage of convenience” tale soars to a higher level. The characters are very well developed, and the writing style is fluid and accessible. Careful research has made this story compellingly credible. The pacing suffers, however, where large blocks of narrative tempt the reader to skim. Insufficient and oftentimes inconsequential conflict between Freddie and Miles also slows the pace. Kudos to the author, however, in creating special characters with distinctive traits, fully developing them into three-dimensional people. This historical romance sits outside of— and above— the expected!

FS Brown