REGENCY:  “Intrigue” opens with a mysterious, fast pace. Malvina is a woman protecting her son while caught in politics and unsavory affairs. Blackmail, highway robbery and treason loom, and literary hooks soon grip the reader. Gideon, the hero, has an easygoing gait and soft spots connecting the Alpha male persona who shows up in the nick of time, but also with an agenda to investigate the fair lady and her dead husband’s dark activities. 

Four hooves galloping start this story down a fast paced track! Ms. Grant weaves many questions into this tale that keeps a reader turning those pages. Sexual tension between Malvina and Gideon heighten the senses. Gideon has secrets, Malvina has secrets, her son even has secrets, and they all culminate to a perfect point of summation. 

“Intrigue”, an excellent title for a tantalizing tale! This story is an excellent example of eliciting emotion by action of the characters,  which gives credit to the author who understands her readers. The dialogue flows between scene developments with a delicate balance, written so well one can easily envision their movements. Angst grows while Gideon remains a gentleman even though his desires for the beautiful Malvina are strong. Since this is a “sweet” romance those who love to wander behind the bedroom doors for the consummation will be denied, but don’t let that keep you from this tantalizing tale. Writing that shouts “well above average” should never be missed, and Ms. Grant certainly has attained a lofty position with this story!

Natasza Waters